Sar Shabdanand Foundation plans to give scholarships to Deserving and Needy Students who wants to study but lack financial resources. This scholarship is intended for any student, irrespective of cast, creed, race or religion. Determining factors for the individual scholarship

  • 1) Academic performance of the students for the past two years
  • 2) Family Financial status,
  • 3) Whether the student is an orphan, part of single parent household or family with disabled parents. 
  • The money for these scholarships will be directly given to the school of study and not to the individual or their guardian. Amount of the scholarship will cover school fees, books, and stationary for each academic year. Scholarship needs to be applied for each academic year and continuation is subject to student’s academic performance. Selection process will be carried by an independent organization Alambana Foundation ( If interested please apply on line at the Foundation web site or if you need any further enquiry send email at

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