Shri Swarupanand School Of Technology

Shri Swarupanand School of Technology was founded in March 2017. The school mission is to promote education for underprivileged kids of rural areas, and impart technical training for creating livelihood for men and women of urban and rural areas. 

At present school is housed on the 2nd floor of the Sar Shatabadi Bhawan, the space provided by Swami Dharmanand Ji Maharaj, the present Chairman of Sar Shabad Mission.

Since we all are living in the Digital age, to fill the immediate need of the village kids and youths, it was decided to first start a state of the art Computer Center in the village Nangli, district Meerut (UP), to impart Computer training to village kids who have no knowledge about the computers, and have resource issues.

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Although as of now school is housed in a small (90 Sqm) leased space, goal is to house the school in a bigger building with modern facilities, where we also could house the planned  Sewing center. Due to world- wide spread of the epidemic during past two yrs our plan for the extension of the new computer courses have been delayed. However,  new NIELIT accredited  ‘Data Entry and Office Automation’ course is in the process of being started soon, mid year 2022.  Also plan is to start teaching computer languages like Python, C, Java etc., through web based online learning. The sole aim of these new courses is to help village youth get employed (jobs) so as to further uplift the standard of the men and women of rural areas.

Since the start of the Computer Center on May 23, 2017 more than 300 students from Nangli and its adjoining villages have studied at the school and have successfully passed 3 months Basic Computer Information Technology Course and Course On Computer Concept (CCC). In 2019 the center received accreditation through National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT) for imparting Central Govt. approved computer training for ‘Digital Literacy’ courses BCC, CCC etc. All basic level courses being offered presently are given under the tab “Our Courses”. In the coming months the school plan is to start new  more advanced  computer courses such as Foundation level Computer Programming courses (O-Level). This will further help develop use of computer skills so as to prepare kids for getting jobs in the marketplace. School also plans to help prepare students for placement in nearby companies  that need people with computer skills. 

Any suggestion improving the functioning of the school for the benefit of the students and their skill development for this charitable cause is most welcome. You can send message at

Students Testimonials

I have Passed my CCC examination from the Shri Swarupanand School of Technology in first attempt. The teaching staff is very polite and they provide the deep knowledge for the concept in a very easy way. I'm very thankful to the school and the staff for their precious support.
I had an excellent experience at Shri Swarupanand School of Technology in Nangli Sahib Meerut. I completed two courses, Course on Computer Concept (CCC) and the Data Entry Course. Thanks to their thorough training, I am now working as an accountant. I am grateful for the knowledge and skills I gained at this center, which played a pivotal role in securing my job. The instructors were knowledgeable, and the learning environment was conducive to growth. I highly recommend Shri Swarupanand School of Technology to anyone seeking quality computer education.
Arshan Khan